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The unique Mexican culture is steeped in every aspect of the Mexican lifestyle – its cuisine, architecture, customs and traditions, family relationships and even in the tourist destinations. Home of one of the greatest civilizations in the world – the Mayans, and influenced by many other, the culture of Mexico has flourished for centuries.

Many traditional handicrafts, unique archeological achievements and customs have been preserved to these days. You can admire the remarkable musical instruments made traditionally in Paracho, the black clay objects created in the region of Oaxaca, the leather goods made in Guanajuato or the vivid handicrafts created by indigenous people like the Huichol Indians.

Rich and distinguished, the Mexican culture is one of the most iconic in the world and for a reason. On your vacation to Mexico it is a must to explore the Mayan World, remains of which can still be seen in places like Chichen Itza, Tulum, Uxmal, Palenque and many others. There you can admire the notable ancient way of life and the great attachment to nature and the gods.

The great cultural importance of Mexico is also proved by the many UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the country. It is the sixth in the world with 27 cultural sites in the list among which Chichen Itza, Uxmal, the Historic Centre of Mexico City and others.

There are also many architectural wonders in Mexico representing a unique blend of different influences. The brilliant mix of colonial style, 19th century Neoclassicism, Art-Deco and Art Nouveau, Avant-gard designs will amaze you. Must-see historical towns and urban areas such as the cities of Guanajuato, Aguascalientes, Santo Domingo and many others should also be included in your Mexican journey.

The traditional arts and crafts are also a significant part of the Mexican culture. The authentic Mexican identity can be seen in many forms representing the long and winding history of the country, the religious life and the cosmology aspects of the Aztecs.

Riviera Nayarit, for instance, is famous for its colorful figures representing the sun, rain and other gods created by Huichol and Coras people. Teotihuacan will surprise you with thousands of unique ornamental items and Oaxaca is the place with some of the best colorful animal carvings also known as alebrijes.

The Mexican culture is also presented in a variety of important museums in Mexico City – the place with the most museums in the world differing in size, themes and interests. All of them offer you a vision of the history and the present of Mexico and its people. Some are unique and even strange such as the Shoe Museum or the Cartoon Museum. But one thing is for sure – there is something for every taste.

We can’t talk about the culture of Mexico and not mention the world’s famous Mexican cuisine. Rich in flavors and influenced by different other cultures, the culinary traditions should be one of the top reasons to spend a long holiday in Mexico. That is why all best vacations in the country have one important thing in common – they include a taste of the typical regional cuisines such as those of Yucatan and Oaxaca. You can’t miss the traditional salsas and tortillas but the specialties of Chiapas, the taste of the tropics in Manzanillo and the gastronomical pleasures of Xalapa are also a must.

The cultural tourism in Mexico is one of the leading in the world.

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