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An indispensable part of every travel journey is tasting the local food. And what a better place to do that than Mexico? One of the most famous worldwide, Mexican cuisine is much more than burritos, tacos, and guacamole. From the traditional salsas and dips through rich and spicy hors-d'œuvres to dishes with exotic ingredients, such as fried grasshoppers and maguey worms, the cuisine in Mexico incorporates styles and ingredients from across the globe in a cosmopolitan manner.

Oaxaca’s gastronomy is one of the most renowned in the whole Mexico offering the popular mole and tlayudas which are pizza-resembling tortillas seasoned with various toppings. If you like putting your senses to a test, treat yourself to chapulines (grasshoppers).

If you regard yourself as a true gourmand, Puerto Vallarta should appear on your culinary radar. Unless you have planned a couple of months, you won’t be able to visit all the excellent restaurants at this epicurean paradise.

Every November, the chief restauranteurs of the town go one step up the gastronomic ladder by organizing a 10-day culinary show called “The International Gourmet Festival”. Masters of the food craft from around the world unite with local pundits to demonstrate their masterful skills and create culinary chef d’œuvres. In addition, there are tequila and wine tasting tours, as well as gala dinners.

Go with the locals at the Saturday Farmers’ Market if you want to immerse your hedonistic self in traditional delicacies, such as sweet and savory pies, salsas, moles, and freshly baked bread. All these are found at the Paradise Community Center. Feel like trying something international? There, you will also find burgers, as well as Indian and Thai food for reasonable prices.

Delve deeper into the famous Mexican food at Café El Repollo Rojo (The Red Cabbage Café) by savoring peanut soup and chiles en nogada (chilies in walnut sauce) which are usually served at weddings.

If you find yourself lying on the beach at Costa Brava, why not also satiate your hunger with seafood ranging from the exquisite oysters through the delectable zarandeado fish to the tasty shrimps? The best way to enjoy your food is to consume it freshly harvested – you can do that at Puerto Peñasco.

Every restaurant serves the well-known Costa Brava shrimps which are wrapped in bacon strips, sprinkled with cheese, and then fried. The usual accompaniment of the shrimps are rice or salad, and a rich sauce consisting of butter, wine, honey, and apple.

The real treat for the palate, however, is the zarandeado fish. Served in luxurious restaurants, it is generously garnished with hot peppers, garlic, and onion and roasted on a charcoal grill in a banana leave.

An integral part of the famous Mexican food scene is the guacamole. The avocado-based dip, first incepted by the Aztecs, has earned a fame which goes far beyond the Mexican borders and North America. This quick and simple, yet incredibly delicious, dip revolves around mashed avocados, chopped onion and tomatoes, and is strewn with cilantro, lime juice, and jalapeños. Guacamole goes well with anything from meat and fish to baked potatoes and other side dishes.

Fancy a gourmet tour of a country? Start organizing your travels to Mexico. Even the most conservative palates will be treated accordingly.