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Oaxaca is probably the most captivating cultural and culinary destination in Mexico. Its pleasant climate, authentic atmosphere and colonial architecture make it one of the top places for your Mexican vacation. If you decide to travel to Oaxaca, you should know that it is a fascinating place located about 300 miles south of Mexico’s capital. The city will amaze you with stories of ancient civilizations, typical art and architecture from the colonial era and lively cultural traditions.

Oaxaca has preserved its authentic Mexican spirit since its foundation in 1529. But its history dates back to prehistoric times when it was still inhabited. Moreover, there is evidence that within the valley of Oaxaca were found signs of some of the earliest domesticated plants in the Americas. But beyond any doubt, the most significant archeological site to visit when you travel to Oaxaca is Monte Alban. It is located on a stunning mountaintop setting 10 miles west of Oaxaca. Monte Alban was the capital of the Zapotec civilization from 500 B.C. to 800 A.D.

Several other archeological sites of great importance are also worth visiting on your Oaxaca tours such as Dainzu, Mitla and Yagul. And unlike Guadalajara, the city still follows the traditional town plan of colonial type with its iconic main square, known as ‘zocalo’, surrounded by government buildings and the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption. Many museums, galleries, restaurants and hotels in Oaxaca are housed in some traditional colonial-era buildings restored in their full splendor. Some of them date back to 16th century.

Oaxaca is also considered one of the safest tourist spots in the country so you will not regret if you choose to travel there for your next journey in Mexico. The history is felt everywhere, but the atmosphere is mixed with the present day vibrancy and liveliness. As you stroll along the city of Oaxaca, you will experience delightful cuisine, fascinating handcrafts, charming local markets and cheerful never-ending fiesta.

Speaking of Mexican fiestas, many important ones take place in Oaxaca City. Every year in July visitors can enjoy the folk-dance festival Guelaguetza. It showcases dances and gifts from each ethnic group of the state of Oaxaca through a unique visual journey. Another notable festival is the Noche de Rabanos or Night of the Radishes. It is a stunning example of reproduced architectural wonders, mythical creatures and significant historical moments in miniature.

Besides all of that, probably the most notable asset of Oaxaca is its exquisite culinary specialties. You can’t travel to Mexico and not try the mole - a rich sauce made of ground chilies and a multitude of other ingredients. Quesillo is also a must-try special type of local string cheese. Food lovers will be charmed by the ‘tlayudas’ which are nothing else than giant tortillas that taste heavenly. If you are looking for a unique culinary experience when you travel to Oaxaca, try out the ‘chapulines’ - spicy fried grasshoppers. Combine some of those with the tequila-like beverage called ‘mezcal’ and your tour in Oaxaca will be complete. For dessert make sure to try the typical Mexican hot chocolate.

Exquisite cuisine, fascinating archeological wonders, unique handicrafts and vibrant atmosphere – that is what is waiting for you on your Mexican vacation in Oaxaca.

A place not to be missed!