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The second biggest city in Mexico and an important economic center of the country – Guadalajara, is the quintessential Mexican destination worth your vacation time. Because of its many industrial and business centers, the city is sometimes called the Silicon Valley of Mexico. Guadalajara, however, is even more famous as the birthplace of tequila and mariachi music.

The city went under an extensive reconstruction plan in the 1950s that almost completely changed its face. Guadalajara did not maintain its original town plan and older edifices were destroyed to make place for new shopping centers, business buildings and underground parking lots. However, the city still feels like the countryside and the traditional Mexican atmosphere can be felt all around. Besides, the most recognizable older buildings were left intact.

If you already booked your flight to Guadalajara, it is time to plan a visit to the most important tourist sites and spots worth your time. The many parks and plazas in the city will make you appreciate the green spaces and public arts in the region. Your vacation in Guadalajara will not be complete if you don’t make a stop at the Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady situated in the heart of the city. It is one of the most iconic landmarks with its easily recognizable twin towers and central dome. On all four sides of the Cathedral there are famous plazas filled with picturesque cafes fountains and green spaces.

Right in front of the church you will find Plaza Guadalajara with its emblematic fountain. It depicts the city’s coat of arms – two lions resting their paws on a trunk of a tree. Another interesting building – the Rotonda de los Jaliscienses Ilustres, is located to the north of the Cathedral. The landmark is a circular monument with 17 ribbed columns. The green space around it consists of different statues that represent the notable people of Jalisco who have made a significant art, politics and science contribution to the state.

To the south of the Cathedral you will find yourself at Plaza de Armas. Its charming art-nouveau bandstand and iconic lampposts welcome you for a relaxing walk after a day of exploration. Plaza de la Liberacion, on the other side, is situated just behind the Cathedral. Here you will find a commemoration statue of Miguel Hidalgo holding a broken chain representing the abolishment of slavery, the Teatro Degollado where the Ballet Folclorico of Guadalajara performs and the remarkable fountain illustrating the founders of the city.

Next on the list is Plaza Tapatio, which stretches all the way to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Hospicio Cabanas. Close-by, the Plaza de los Mariachis is the place to have a drink and listen to the mariachis with wide-brimmed sombreros play in an authentic Mexican atmosphere.

Not far from Guadalajara the town of Tequila welcomes you with its world famous alcoholic beverage. All of the tequila worldwide is produced there and not any other agave-based drink made anywhere else may be labeled as ‘tequila’. There is also a National Museum of Tequila in the town that you may find interesting.

Guadalajara’s various plazas, colonial architecture and modern touch make it a delightful city to explore on your next Mexican holiday.

So hop on your flight to Guadalajara, grab your sunglasses and enjoy your visit!