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The Caribbean jewel Cozumel lies just next to the famous Playa del Carmen in Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico and is ready to charm every visitor with its wide range of holiday opportunities. The island of Cozumel combines a Mexican heart and a Caribbean soul welcoming all kind of travelers from all over the world. It provides fantastic conditions for more relaxed or adventure-filled holiday in Mexico. The history and nature are also part of the city’s tourist face.

In the past, Cozumel was established as a ceremonial center and trading port by the indigenous Mayans. Today, the city is still one of the most important ports in Mexico welcoming cruise ships from popular destinations all over the world. Cruise visitors can enjoy even for a day the ancient traditions and natural beauty of the only town on the island – San Miguel.

If you decide to spend your Mexican holiday traveling to Cozumel, you will find an exquisite selection of hotels, cafes, restaurants, shops and boutiques where you can find unique Mayan handicrafts and various souvenirs. San Miguel’s pleasant walkway, also known as ‘malecón’, invites you for a relaxing stroll near the sea while gazing the numerous sculptures and monuments. The city’s tranquility can still be felt everywhere, despite being the prime tourist hub on the island.

But some of the best things to do in Cozumel are the underwater activities. The incredible clarity of the water around the island makes it a top spot for snorkeling and diving adventures. Novice, as well as pro snorkelers, can immerse themselves in exciting underwater exploration of one of the largest reef systems in the world full of tropical fish and fascinating marine life.

People from all over the world travel to Cozumel to appreciate the incredible Caribbean biosphere near the island. That is mostly because in 1961 Cozumel was declared to be the most spectacular diving site on the planet by the famous undersea explorer Jacques Cousteau. With that in mind, your impeccable Mexican holiday is guaranteed.

Besides the vast marine world, Cozumel welcomes you with several ecological parks worth exploring such as Faro Celerain (Punta Sur) and Chankanaab. If you are up to some exciting adventures, go for the jungle trails, lavish botanical gardens and alluring lagoons. Other thrilling things to do in Cozumel include the dolphin encounter and sea turtle observation programs.

The island of Cozumel is pretty unspoiled which is perfect for people who want to avoid touristy areas. Only 6% of this pristine 16-km (10-mile) by 48-km (30-mile) island is actually developed. Your blissful relaxation, complemented by jungle-like interior and unspoiled beaches, is waiting for you in Cozumel despite its proximity to the famous Riviera Maya mainland.

Besides the great natural blessings, Cozumel attracts visitors with admirable museums and a booming art community. If you decide to travel to Cozumel, visit the Museo de Isla Cozumel in the center of San Miguel where you will discover stories of the Mayan culture influences and an overview of the island’s ecosystems, culture and anthropology.

Whether you are looking for an extreme adventure or some tranquility on the beach, Cozumel Island could just be your ideal place for your Mexican holiday.