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There is no other place in Mexico where you can see the influence of Spain more eminent than in Puebla City. There is no way you are not going to notice the dome shaped roofs of churches and buildings as soon as you drive into the city. Puebla is located southeast of Mexico City and is one of the oldest in the country.

One of the major reasons why people choose to travel to Puebla and have a Mexican holiday exactly there, is because of the historical and cultural value of its architecture. The city is mostly famous for one of the most notable battles in the Mexican history – the Battle of Puebla. This was the place where the Mexican troops defeated the French army in 1862.

Of course, there are millions other reasons why you should decide to have a vacation in Puebla. In this city you can find more than 5000 buildings in various styles, such as Classic, Baroque or Renaissance. And maybe you didn’t know but car manufacturing is a very notable industry there too. The VW Beetle began its life in Puebla.

Also, the colonial center of the city is filled with monasteries, churches, and mansions. They make the place very colorful and you can definitely feel the charisma, which Mexico brings with itself. While you walk down the streets, you will notice many live bands, street performers, local people, and visitors, enjoying the pleasant atmosphere.

If you are travelling to Puebla with a car, or a bus, you will notice on its south side the Popocatepetl volcano, which is not-dormant and sometimes capped with snow. So, if you are still wondering what to do in Puebla, we can give you some more ideas. If you like hiking, you can visit the National Park La Malintzi or the National Park on Popocatepetl. If you prefer enjoying the nightlife, you should definitely visit the clubs in Cholula or in Los Sapos district.

Puebla also offers tours on a bus and they are pretty cheap – only $80 MXN. They are in Spanish, but you can ask for headphones, in order to get a translation of the tour. It is much recommended to have a bus tour because you will be able to get a quick view of the attractions the city has to offer. If you feel more like it, you can rent a bike and cover different parts of the city cycling around. If you are a fan of the Italian cuisine, visit the town of Chipilo, which is 15 minutes from downtown Puebla.

For visitors who want to dip down into the authentic Mexican food, a very good choice is to try Quesadillas with mushrooms, huitacoche, which is an Aztec specialty and represents a corn truffle. Don’t miss memelas, which are tortillas prepared with mixed masa and beans red or green salsa on top, then topped with onions and cheese. And those are just a small part of the delicious authentic Mexican specialties you can have in this part of the country.

You will not be disappointed if you decide to travel to Puebla and spend your Mexican holiday there. The city remains in the hearts of everyone who chose to visit!