Los Cabos

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Los Cabos is the perfect place in Mexico where you can experience the two extremely different faces of the country. It is located on the top of the Baja California Sur and it is even known as a dual destination. Why? Because during your vacation in Los Cabos, you will be able to explore the two personalities of the region – the tranquil San Hose del Cabo and the rambunctious Cabo San Lucas.

The first one will show you the true and authentic Mexican atmosphere. The small traditional restaurants, the attractive boutiques and the cobblestone streets can be seen all around the main central square and mission church.

So if you want to slow your pace during your travel to Los Cabos, the peace-loving San Jose del Cabo, situated on the east, is the right place for you. Its amicable main central square and the narrow sinuous streets are a peaceful escape from the hectic lifestyle, along with the colorful buildings in colonial style and the artsy galleries and fashion boutiques. Treat yourself with a Hibiscus popsicle or refresh yourself with an iced margarita in some of the restaurants while indulging in the peaceful relaxing atmosphere that is both sophisticated and chilled.

During your trip to Los Cabos, you can also explore the more vibrant Cabo San Lucas, which is located on the other end of the Corridor (a highway in Mexico). The town is a whole different situation. It is more like a center of all-night parties, fiestas and celebrations. Funky clubs and bars can be found everywhere in the town and if that is your idea of a good vacation, Cabo San Lucas is your place.

The opulent resorts, relaxing spas and fully equipped golf courses along the Corridor are what make the vacations in Mexico, especcialy the vacations in Los Cabos, much more preferred and favored. Some of the best beaches for practicing water sports are also situated in the Corridor. The center for parties and play is the Medano beach, which is located on the end of the highway.

People of North America often refer to Los Cabos as the Land’s End. That is because it is located south of California, on the southernmost tip of Baja Peninsula. Because of its proximity to the United States, Los Cabos has been greatly influenced by North America in terms of tourism development, real estate, shopping malls, etc.

Los Cabos might just be the ideal spot for your summer holiday in Mexico weather you are looking for party, relaxation, adventures or quality family time.

Get ready for a fun and memorable experience!