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Going back to the 1950s, when Puerto Vallarta and Cancún were sleepy fishing villages, Acapulco was the preferred spot of Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley. The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll also filmed the movie “Fun” there.

The heyday of the Pacific city came about with the construction of the Scenic Highway (Carretera Escenica) which linked Acapulco to its international airport. The residential areas of Brisas Marquez, Brisas Gutarron and Las Brisas were constructed in the 1970s, and they quickly coaxed some of the “crème-de-la-crème” Mexican and international businessmen to build their opulent houses there.

Glamor, spontaneity, and exuberance are just some of the superlatives one can use to describe Acapulco. Packed with multitudes of activities and attractions that cater to the needs of every visitor, the city has an atmosphere of its own.

Proudly overlooking the natural Bay of Acapulco, the Pacific city is an essential coastal traffic and deep sea port, located in the Mexican State of Guerrero. All year-round, tourists from home and abroad can be seen marching the boisterous streets and beautiful boardwalks of Acapulco – which holds the title of “The queen of Mexican beach resorts”.

Since its population is nearing 1 million citizens, its appeal can be described as urban rather than resort. One of the best examples of the world-famous happy-go-lucky, fiesta atmosphere of Mexico can be experienced in the coastal city.

Acapulco is regally seated on two stupendous bays – Puerto Marques and Santa Lucia, also known as Acapulco Bay (Bahia de Acapulco) – which boasts breathtaking escarpments and naturally beautiful cliffs. The two bays are gently embraced by magnificent beaches and glamorous vegetation, and are strictly overseen by the mountain range Sierra Madre del Sur.

Party lovers and honeymooners plan their Mexican holidays in Acapulco to be flabbergasted by the festive charm and tropical splendors of the city. Families also find it difficult to resist Acapulco’s huge diversity of coveted parks, exciting water sports, and serene beaches.

Adventure-seekers and sports enthusiasts can quench their insatiable thirsts at the seashore. The tranquil waters of Acapulco Bay are amazing for any water sport. If you are a daredevil swimmer, you can try Puerto Marques, Revolcadero, and Pia de la Cuesta. If you are not confident with your swimming, it is highly advisable to stay along the bay since it is much safer.

The best places for snorkeling are the beaches of Bahia de Yerbabuena, El Ripio, and Las Palmas. Acapulco is the birthplace of parasailing and offers a miraculous view of the bay (don’t forget to purchase a roundtrip ticket). Windsurfing is also gaining popularity quickly. On top of all that, Acapulco is steadily building its way of becoming a world-class golfing destination. Early birds can spend their days in the gorgeous jungles, estuaries, islands, and lagoons in the area’s vicinity.

Other things, which can be done in Acapulco, are fine dining and shopping. The cuisine is not only exquisite and diverse, but is also served in cozy restaurants many of which provide staggering views of Bahia de Acapulco. From captivating city center markets (mercados) to gargantuan American-style shopping malls, even the most fastidious cravings of shopaholics can be properly fulfilled.

The hotels in Acapulco are over 200, offering more than 18,000 accommodation units. Although the coastal city houses two of the most famous and renowned Mexican hotels – Las Brisas and Fairmont Acapulco Princess – a peculiar and ironic fact is that only a small number of American and Canadian tourists are aware of that.

If your travels end up in Acapulco, you will be pleasantly surprised that it has it all. So don’t waste more time and book your Mexican journey!