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Tipping in foreign countries is always a question that causes great discussions among travelers. That is mostly because tipping is based on unwritten laws and perceptions. Most of the time, when you are on a vacation, it is expected to leave a tip to in shops, hotels or any other place where you have to pay for goods or services.

Tipping in Mexico is not an exception. There are silent or unwritten ‘rules’ you have to follow when you visit the country and spend money there. You have to be prepared in advance in order to avoid making a fool of yourself when you have dinner in an exquisite restaurant or buy something in a luxurious boutique.

Should I leave a tip every time? This is a question with no certain answer. Of course, no one will force you to do so – regardless the place you are eating, sleeping, buying clothes or souvenirs. However, there is a rule that most tourists in Mexico, as well as the local citizens, follow when it comes to tipping. You need to leave a tip when you are in a restaurant, bar, coffee shop and sometimes, in a store. The stores that require a tip are mostly tourist-oriented: they sell souvenirs or they are luxurious stores like fashion brand boutiques.

In Mexico, a tip of around 10% of the price is acceptable. Be aware that there are restaurants and bars, where this obligatory tip is included in the final bill. You will see it in your receipt labeled as ‘a tip’ or something similar. It is also possible to receive a bill that includes the tip but it is not written. Check every bill carefully before you make a payment and make sure you give the right amount of money!

If you remain quite pleased with the service you received then you should leave an additional tip, too. Since it is not a tip that is required, you might wish to appreciate the service or the attendance you received in a more generous way. In this case, tourists in Mexico tend to leave bigger tips than the standard 10% from the bill. Usually, people leave about 15% of the final price on their own will.

Tipping in Mexico is a custom that people follow due to the tradition that has been established in the country for both – local citizens and tourists. A tip does not include only a financial part. Mexico has some of the most developed tourism industries in the world and, as such, the recognition of visitors is greatly appreciated by businesses and local communities.