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When you travel to Mexico, it is recommended for you to become aware of all the taxes and tax refund options the country law offers. Below, you will find all the important information you need to know for a flawless trip to Mexico. There are some options to get some of the cash you pay in Mexico back but you have to be aware of all the government requirements. Be prepared with all the information you need and spend a relaxing sunny holiday.

Tourists tax refund in Mexico

In case you buy something during your Mexican vacation, you are allowed to ask for a tax refund. This means that you can receive back part of the price you have originally paid. The first requirement for such an inquiry is the product you buy to be offered in stores, shopping centers or other businesses affiliated with the tax refund program in Mexico. Secondly, in order to qualify for a tax refund, your purchase must be in goods with a minimum price of 200 Mexican pesos. There is not an option to get a refund on services you received in Mexico, i.e. meals and lodging.

It is relatively simple to get your tourist tax refund in Mexico. All taxes are refunded before your departure of the country. You can do this in the end of your Mexican vacation. Just find any of the available tax refund kiosks, usually located at certain airports. The employee there will give a document to fill. You will need to write down your bank account number, immigration form, plane ticket, purchase receipts and the merchandise you have bought.

The tax refund in Mexico works 50/50, which means that 50% of the tax refund is given to you in cash on the kiosk and the rest of the taxes will be later transferred to your bank account, which is why you will have to provide your bank account number. Usually, it takes up to 40 days for the Mexican bank to transfer the rest 50% of your tax refund.

In case of any additional problem or question with your taxes or refunds, you can get more detailed information on the following links: taxback.com.mx and www.taxfree.com.mx.

Those websites will show you the locations of the airport kiosks around the country that are eligible to make tax refunds. There is a list of forbidden good for a tax refund you have to be aware of in advance in order to save yourself unnecessary troubles. You are also free to ask the employees in the kiosks about any detail of the tax refund program in Mexico.