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When it comes to planning your vacation to Mexico, it is always about celebrations, great emotions, entertainment and having fun. Actually, to travel to Mexico is a real holiday itself. Tourists go there usually for enjoying their time in this lovely and warm country.

The mood in Mexico is always high and joyful. In most cases this is due to the fact that Mexican holidays round the year are numerous. Whenever you decide to visit, it is highly possible to come during a national, cultural or any type of Mexican holiday. This is how your journey becomes even more amusing and splendid.

No matter what towns and cities you have decided to visit, it is truly possible for you to encounter fiestas devoted to music, traditional local food and the popular national folklore. That is because the unique Mexican culture is steeped in every aspect of the Mexican lifestyle. And locals love to celebrate their ancestors, traditions and their very existence.

Actually, the holidays in Mexico have become one of the things you can count on all year-round. But enough said, here are the most important and exciting holidays you can plan your Mexican journey around.

Probably the most cherished holiday in Mexico is Easter (Holy Week). It starts at the end of March or in the beginning of April every year. During the Easter holidays, the popular local “bridges” in Mexico are very crowded. The beaches are full of happy and smiling people and, usually, tourists experience a completely new type of Easter holiday when visiting Mexico.

‘Grito de Independencia’ (Cry for independence) is another celebration that can make your vacation more festive. Mexican people celebrate their country’s Independence Day with fireworks, fiestas, good food, dances and music on September 16. But the day before, on September 15th, is the day of the ‘Cry of Dolores’, also called the cry of independence, when the Mexican president rings a bell at the National Palace in the capital city at 11pm. Unlike September 16th, the 15th is not a public holiday in Mexico – it is just an observance.

The ‘Day of the Dead’ is a fall celebration. The festivities go for two whole days – on November 1st and 2nd. The Big Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, on the other hand, is a one-day feast that is celebrated on December 12th.

Already planning to visit Mexico during the winter holidays? Christmas and New Year are also really fantastic in Mexico. You can expect a lot of fiestas, music, positive emotions and exciting events you can observe or take part of.

Meanwhile, all people, who have decided to travel to Mexico in February, can have the chance to attend numerous national and local carnivals. The festivities include symbolic burning of evil spirits and continue with and lots of music and fun, parades of floats, the crowning of the king and queen, etc.

If you want to make your Mexican vacation even more special, head to one of those festivities. Keep in mind that during all official holidays, local banks are closed. Prepare some cash in advance, pack your suitcase and head to the nearest airport to experience the authentic Mexico!