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If you travel to Mexico soon, then you might need some preliminary instructions and guides. The following information is going to help you organize and plan your vacation in Mexico in a most precise, entertaining and flawless way. Also, it is a must to know all travel requirements which are strictly and officially established by the Mexican government and broader international laws and clauses. Below, you can find all the necessary information you need to know before you visit Mexico.

Tourist Assistance in Mexico

Most of you might have already browsed the web for exciting events, intriguing attractions and beautiful places to see and check out when you are in Mexico. However, it is possible for you to miss something. And it would be a pity for you to miss some of the most amazing and popular Mexican attractions. To avoid such a terrible mistake, you can turn to the tourist assistance services in Mexico.

Keep in mind that anybody can dial 078 to get proper and detailed tourist information. It is 100% free of charge and the call has an ordinary city call fee. The tourist services support team will provide you with all the relevant facts, locations and working schedule of the top attractions, hotels, car rental agencies, airports, embassies and consulates, travel agencies, fairs and exhibitions, immigration services, hospitals, financial services and other issues.

You can also contact the tourist assistance team before your visit Mexico by email: correspondencia@sectur.gob.mx.

Important Mexico entry requirements

Regardless your tourist plans – sightseeing or just a relaxing Mexico vacation – there are requirements for entering the country you need to be aware of in advance. Please, note that entering Mexico requires from all the tourists to have a permit. It is a special document that is called Customs Form for Tourists. This document has validation expiry time – 180 days after its signing. You can receive the Customs Form for Tourists at almost all airline tourist offices, as well as in travel agencies or Mexican ports of entry.

In addition to the Customs Form for Tourists, according to the official Non-immigrant Tax (DNI) established back in 1999, you need to be prepared to be charged in Mexico. This is one of the latest and most important Mexico travel requirement. The government of Mexico has introduced it as a part of its overall program for better national tourism promotion and for improving the immigration services program.

You must pay the tax in national currency – 294 pesos, upon leaving Mexico. If you need more additional information about the tax, you can find such at the National Immigration Institute’s website. Visit the address www.inm.gob.mx to see it. All permanent residents of the United States or Canada are not obliged to have a visa to visit Mexico.

Other requirements for visiting Mexico

Besides all personal belongings, every visitor should carry a maximum amount of $300 in merchandise. If exceeding that amount in additional personal items, visitors would be charged a fee. Regardless the purpose of your travel, your luggage will be checked by the Mexican customs authorities.

Important Phone Contacts in Mexico

You can contact the Tourism Ministry of Mexico on:
  • 5250 0151 (from within the Mexico City metropolitan area);
  • 01 800 903 9200 (from the Mexico Republic)
  • 1 (800) 482 98 32 (from the USA).

Visit their website: www.sectur.gob.mx.

You can contact the Embassy of the United States in Mexico on 01 55 50 80 20 00, ext. 0 (from Mexico) or 01 15 255 50 80 20 00, ext. 0 (from the USA).
Visit their website: www.spanish.mexico.usembassy.gov.